Cork Hardwood Flooring: Cork flooring is classified


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Cork Hardwood Flooring: Cork flooring is classified as a hardwood and is another environmentally friendly flooring option. Bamboo Hardwood Flooring: Bamboo flooring is an attractive and environmentally friendly hardwood flooring option. Nothing compares with the beauty of genuine hardwood floors.

You can take the floor down to the bare wood and then refinish it from the grain up. But that is possible only 1-2 times during the life of the floor. Totem Hardwood Flooring is a Canadian hardwood flooring manufacturer that shares the craft of nature through environmentally responsible means. When you take your first steps, whether of your life or the day, re sanding floorboards we at Totem Hardwood Flooring are there to support you.

The simplest fix - if not the prettiest - is to drill pilot holes and then fasten the board to the joists along its entire length using drywall or sheet metal screws (which work better than the nails that are probably currently there). Of course, make sure your screw is long enough to grab the flooring itself but short enough not to poke through on the other side. We use only the finest quality products and offer a range of top quality options.

Older floors can also be restored to their original beauty by sanding and refinishing. We offer quality workmanship, top-line products and bottom-line prices. This is a safe choice if you have a lot of activity in your house (and on your floors) or you don't want anything too trendy.

Also, have a look at Kentwood's Brushed Oak Nutmeg or Satin Finish's ‘Bourbon'. It's not for everyone, but it looks good for a farm-house, vintage style or a mix of modern and traditional elements together. This finish helps to deflect light and will hide scratches and small nicks far better than smooth and shiny dark wood floors.